Our Growing Herd

Our youngest is 4 and our oldest is 62!  

Samrat Gaj is a four year old baby and his mother now joins us and she is about 45.    Sirjana Kali is a lovely patient mother and now after a year apart mother and son are now together for most of each day and spend every night in their chain free corral.  

Lucky Kali is our senior and matriarch.  She shows extraordinary patience with her herd.  For a long time she has been the Auntie to Samrat Gag while his mother worked.  Now that Sirjana Kali has retired she spends her day with her son and Lucky Kali.  There has been an adjustment for them.  Samrat's mother was initially possessive of her son, but she now shares him as her confidence has grown that her son is safe.  

It is quite magical to see the three elephants swim and graze together.  They talk, trumpet and grumble together.  The lodge of Sapana has become a hub of being able to enjoy your lunch and dinner and observe elephants swimming and eating.

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