Samrat Gaj

Samrat waits for his caregiver

Samrat Gaj

I met this baby when he had just turned one.  He stole my heart as most babies in any species do.  He was curious and sweet following me and my movements daily.  I had the opportunity to sit back and watch him interact with his mother; their play time, their quiet moments; Samrat's simple enjoyment of a burlap bag or a tree stump.  He found joy easily.  

I knew then that we would follow this family and how they progressed together.  Through the years we have seen Samrat and his mother experience the good and the bad of living as captive elephants.  Samrat suffered a life threatening illness when he was two that mercifully with the help of Carol Buckley, the watchful eye of his mahout and the steadfast oversight of his owner he survived.  

He and his mother left their chain free corral when Samrat was 3 and have remained apart for most of the time since then.  He experienced traditional training at the government breeding center.  

Now we have come full circle and they have been reunited in the same corral together.  They have been near each other in the past year but now they will become mother and son again.  Babies need their mothers to teach them what is right and wrong and he will need her guidance now more than ever.  We have found his behavior to be much improved now that he is with his mother all of the time.  She can manage him better than anyone.  Makes sense right?

Our hope and now close to reality is that this baby bull will find a permanent long term loving sanctuary in Nepal.  This is challenging as bulls struggle in captivity and we will have to find a way to keep him safe and happy.  We now have found the way!  You can help make this little bull and other bulls lives become safe and secure.

We tell his story with as much honesty as possible as there are many sides to this  ongoing situation of captive elephants.  There must be a better way for elephants in Nepal and in fact the world over.  We are taking these steps now in Nepal working with the courageous owner of Sapana Village Dhurba Giri.  He has become the face of change in Nepal with captive elephants one step at a time.  All of the elephants in Sapana are now chain free.  Please support him; by visiting his Lodge and seeing for yourself.  You will not be disappointed.

Giving male elephants a chance

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