About Us

So Why Nepal?

 On a journey of a lifetime, I had the intense pleasure of working with elephants, people and even the land in Nepal in 2015. I fell in love with this wonderful country. Working on a project with elephants was a lifelong dream. The project was extremely successful in so many ways. I was part of a team that released 63 government elephants from a life of bondage to chain-free corrals in an eye-opening, heart-warming project of Carol Buckley and her Elephant Aid International.   It also put a spot light on what else we could accomplish working with Nepalese people.  I named our organization Direct Aid Nepal because we are on the ground working directly in areas that make a difference.  There are no layers of bureaucracy and there never will be.

Donna Marshall

Founder Direct Aid Nepal

Empower the Mahouts

When we empower and teach the caregivers of the elephants.  Treat them with respect and give them the proper tools we can then expect them to do the same with their elephants. We recently had Carol Buckley give a workshop to the mahouts at Sapana Village to learn how to care for the feet of their elephants.   We are now sending mahouts to Thailand to learn compassionate training.

When we save the baby we save the mother.

My experience is that when we save the baby we save the mother too.   When one suffers the other does too.  When a mother watches her baby tortured in training it breaks her also.   We must stop this practice .